Eurocontrol: air traffic in Greece at 50% of 2019 levels this year

Eurocontrol: air traffic in Greece at 50% of 2019 levels this year

The total number of flights to and from Greece will return to around half of 2019 levels this year, while in 2022 it will approach 70%, according to the latest figures released by Eurocontrol.

The number of flights to and from Greece airports is expected to reach 47% of 2019 levels this year, Eurocontrol estimates, while next year traffic will have recovered to 69% of 2019 levels.

According to Eurocontrol data, a total of 350,000 flights to/from Greece have not taken place since 1 March 2020. As for the current flight situation, the number of flights operated is 1,020 daily flights or 47% of 2019 levels.

The busiest airport is Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, with 483 daily flights, on average (down 35%, compared to 2019). While the air carrier with the highest traffic is Aegean Airlines, with 234 daily flights (average daily traffic of 234 flights per day).
flights, on average (number down 41% compared to 2019).

Three scenarios for the evolution of traffic to/from Greece

For the evolution of traffic up to 2024, Eurocontrol has developed three scenarios.

The baseline scenario foresees a return of traffic in 2022 to 69% of 2019 levels, in 2023 to 82% and in 2024 to 92%.

A second, more pessimistic scenario predicts a return of traffic this year to 40% of 2019 levels, in 2022 to 55%, in 2023 to 63% and in 2024 to 72%. A third, more optimistic scenario predicts that traffic in Greece will return to 54% of 2019 levels this year, 81% in 2022, 96% in 2023 and 106% in 2024.

Apart from Athens airport, the other four busiest airports are Heraklion Crete airport, Nikos Kazantzakis, Thessaloniki airport, Macedonia, Rhodes airport, Diagoras, and Mykonos airport.

Rounding out the Top 5 airlines are Sky Express, Ryanair, TUI fly and Smartwings.

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