Porto airport

Porto Airport

Porto Airport, also known as Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO), is a major international airport in Portugal and the country’s second biggest. It’s 11.9 kilometers away on the city’s south side, and the cab ride should take no more than 20 minutes assuming there’s no traffic on the route. The city and the airport are connected by a major highway. So, once you’ve gotten out of the airport, behi

The finest cabs to and from the Porto airport
Because Porto Airport (OPO) is fairly crowded at certain times of the year, waiting for a cab after a lengthy trip might be a problem. Furthermore, not only are street taxis more expensive, but they may also charge you additional fees based on your luggage or other criteria.The finest cabs to and from the Porto airport If you pick porto airport taxi service for your transfer, we will provide you with the most comfortable and pleasant mode of transportation to Porto city at no additional cost. All we ask is that you drop off your bags for us to handle while you rest.

Taxi from Porto airport to the hotel

Porto’s public transport can be quite stressful as it is usually time consuming and tiring due to the crowded conditions. If you are looking for a more satisfying option, then opo taxis are the ideal solution for getting from Porto airport directly to your hotel. Airport taxis are always available and provide a fast and reliable service.

Porto airport taxi fare

At Porto airport taxi stands you will only find metered taxis and therefore, there will be no fixed price for your transfer to your hotel or destination. In addition, there may be additional hidden charges for your luggage or waiting time. To avoid these eventualities, it is best to book your Porto airport taxi in advance.

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