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Rhodes Airport Diagoras

Rhodes international airport is one of the biggest airports in Greece. The airport is considered to be the 4th busiest airport in the country. Located at the eastern Aegean Sea, the airport is called Diagoras airport. It is situated at the western side of Rhode Island in Greece. The facility happens to be the located at the northern side from Pardaisi village. Pardaisi village is 14 km southwest from the capital city of the country. The name of capital city is Rodos. The airport is ranked as 4th among the busiest airports of the country. As of the year 2014, the number of passengers using the airport was 4552955.

The code used to refer to the Rhodes airport by IATA is RHO. All the passenger flights are located at the single terminal of the airport. Apart from serving passengers, Rhodes airport is also a military airport. Generally, photography isn’t allowed at the airport due to this reason. The airport is named after Diagoras who was a Greek poet.


After the Second World War, civil Aviation began on Rhodes Island. It started on the location which was near the military Rhodes Maritsa Airport. This was the main airport of the Island until year 1980 until the new Rhodes international airport came into being. The old Maritsa airport wasn’t big enough to meet the needs of a modern civil airport and therefore the need for a new facility was felt. The new Diagoras airport was hence built in 1977. Over the span of all these years, the airport has gone through several improvements and many new facilities have been formed there.


Rhodes international airport is a big airport and many airlines operate from there taking flights to various destinations all over the world. Some of the airlines which operate from the airline include Aegean airlines, Aeroloft airlines which is operated by Rossiya, air Baltic airlines, Air Berlin airlines, Arkefly, Blu express, British airways, Condor, easy jet, germanwings, jetairfly, Mistral air, Niki, Olympic air, monarch airline, sky express, smart wings, Wizz air and many others.


Rhodes airport is a well established and well reputed facility. For its quality services, the airport has been given the following awards:

The airport welcomes around four million people every year and is the 4th busiest airport of Greece. Rhodes Diagoras airport is a pain free port for anyone going for a Greek adventure.

Routes and Destinations

Rhodes airport is a massive facility and there are several airlines operating through this airport. The airlines travel to various destinations all over the world. Some of the destinations where flights are operated through this airport are Athens, Munich, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Riga, Zurich, London, Vienna, Naples, Glasgow, Manchester and many others. Apart from scheduled flights, the airline also operates charter flights to various destinations.

How to Check-In

With the modern day and age, check-in has become much easier for passengers now than it was before. Internet has made everything convenient and one of those many conveniences can be experienced through online travelling services. Check-in at the Rhodes airport can be done manually through check desks as well. Check-in as a necessary part of the traveling process and has to be done by all the passengers who are traveling. Rhodes international airport has check-in counters for every airline which operates through it.

Passengers who don’t want to check-in online or don’t know how to check-in online can just visit these counters and get checked-in for their flights. Check-in time will depend on the airline the passenger is travelling in. Different airlines and different airports have different rules and regulations and a simple standard will not apply for every airport. To check-in for a flight through Rhodes airport, the passenger should seek assistance from the helpful airport staff or take instructions from the airport’s website.

Baggage and Allowance

Different airline have different luggage and baggage allowances. Once the luggage has passed through the main airport security, it may be handed over to the respective airline counters where from where it will go through. The airport is built in a proper system and luggage won’t get lost or damaged by the airport staff that are professional and know how to handle the luggage of the passengers. Airport’s website can also be visited for luggage allowances. Certain items that are not allowed to be carried through the airport security should not be kept in the luggage.


Passengers traveling through Rhodes airport should confirm their seating plans before boarding on the plane. They can have this information from the airport desk and will make departure easier.


Booking for flights through Rhodes airport can be done online or by visiting the airport booking offices.


Rhodes Airport Taxis offer a way to and from Rhodes International Airport RHO. Arriving passengers can pick up a rhodes airport taxi at the Taxi Station, which can be reached at the Arrival level of the Terminal.

The cabs are dark blue with white – colored roofs. They also have sigh on the top of the car with the word “TAXI”. They operate with a first come first served system.

Rhodes also has 3 more airports that are not operating


Rhodes Maritsa Airport: closed to public, near Maritsa village. Built in 1938 by the Italians was the first airport of the island and used to be the public airport until 1977. Nowadays serves the Hellenic Air Force and is sometimes used for car races.

Kalathos Airfield: inoperative, 7 km (4 mi) north of Lindos. Built by the Italians during World War II, was called Aeroporto di Gadurrà. Today only the runway is visible.

Kattavia Airstrip, located in the south of the island it was an emergency airstrip built by the Italians during World War II. Today it is abandoned.


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