Tips for driving in Portugal

Are you thinking of spending a few days or organising a getaway to the neighbouring country? Due to its proximity, we can get around by car without any problem, although you should bear in mind some tips for driving in Portugal on holiday.

If you have ever driven in Portugal, you will have realised that it is very safe and without too many complications. But if you haven’t, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Don’t worry if you don’t know the language, as following the signs is very easy thanks to the similarity with the Spanish language and the similarity of the road signs.

If your next destination is the Portuguese country, don’t forget to take out your MAPFRE Travel Insurance to travel with total peace of mind. You should also bear in mind these tips for driving in Portugal on holiday.

The rules for driving in Portugal without mishaps

  • The price of fuel is higher than in Spain due to its taxes. It is therefore advisable to fill up the tank before arriving in Portugal and, once there, to drive as efficiently as possible.
  • Carry all documentation in order (ITV, car insurance, driving license, etc.). Make sure that your driving licence is validated or is suitable for driving in Portugal.
  • Your car insurance must include roadside assistance abroad. In Portugal, roadside assistance services work in the same way as in Spain. If you need help, all you have to do is call your company’s telephone number and a local tow truck or support vehicle will come to you. In case of emergency, the European emergency number is 112.
  • Speed limits in Portugal are the same as in Spain. In town at 50 km/h, on the road at 90 km/h or 100 km/h depending on the road, and on the motorway at 120 km/h. For some time now, offenders have been heavily prosecuted and there are many more speed cameras on the road. If you are fined in Portugal, the police usually ask you to pay the fine on the spot if your car has a foreign number plate.
  • The maximum blood alcohol level is 0.05%. If this percentage is exceeded, the penalty can be up to two years imprisonment.
  • It is not allowed to park in a zone against the direction of traffic. The fine can be the confiscation of the car for between two months and one year.
  • Tolls in Portugal are quite expensive, although they are worth paying because of the good condition of the roads and less traffic. Because of the high price, local drivers tend not to use these roads.
  • Seat belts are also compulsory for all passengers and children under 12 years of age are not allowed to ride in the front seat.
  • Always remember to pre-book your Lisbon airport car rental

With these tips for driving on holiday in Portugal, you can now enjoy those relaxing days in your own vehicle without any mishaps.

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